New website 2023

Right at the start of the new year we are exited to present our revised website, featuring our 2023 Turtle Wing Board collection.
For 2023 we are exited to present to you a full range of different board types for you to choice and play with. We just launched 2 new board concepts, the MOTO – our first SUP/FOIL board and the SKATE – our first PUMP/SURF board.
For all boards you find more detailed information to give you a more precise idea of what to expect of each board. For better orientation we added a guide on how to choose your right board.
2023 is going to get an exiting year for wing foiling and our mission is simple:
We also add some more design colors available from April.2023.
Latest news for a German Clients, we will have a Demo tour around germany starting May 2023 more info coming soon.
Have nice week

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