Pre-Orders Opening for DW Cruise and Starbuster V3

Aloha everyone,
First thing first, we wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New 2024!

As some of you already know, we are in Maui for meet some of our American clients and test some new boards, that need to be tested in the ocean, we want to be sure 200% that the product we will give you it’s very performing in all conditions.
Meantime some of our rider are testing the same boards in Canaries’s island and Brasil.
Today,  we open the pre-orders for two of our latest boards: DW Cruise Gondola and for the new version of our Race Board, the Starbuster V3.
We worked so hard in the last few months for both boards, and we’d like to thank our riders  Alessandro Jose Tomasi , Max Mutschlechner and Claudio Decker.
The DW Cruise Gondola will be available from Middle March 2024 and the Starbuster V3 will be available from middle April 2024, but only for who make a pre-order until the 31 of December 2023, then we will follow a order list.

DW Cruise “Gongola”  Light Wind Wing / Down Wing Foiling
The Gondola is our new downwind SUP model and is a great for a lightwing wingboard. Featuring a longer profile for stability, the length compensating and allowing for its narrowness.
Once up on foil the board is designed to be stable, the swing weight and length of the board assist in carrying the speed through to the next bump. This flow allows for greater efficiency when connecting swells.
The higher volume of this board assists with the rider getting more glide on the surface of the water. The paddle speed of the Gondola is fast, meaning you can get up on foil earlier and easier.  This fast paddle speed also allows the rider to choose smaller foil wings resulting in faster speeds when up and foiling.
The Gondola is user-friendly and is a great starting point for your downwind SUP journey.

We never stop development of this board, because our riders always ask us to improved.
Rider like,  Alessandro Tomasi, one of the fastest world cup riders, keep pushing his limits with this board, reached 34kts of speed.
This Board, has square edges on the side, while the bow and stern are designed in an aerodynamic so as,  to have less friction even at the base and medium speed.
Already with 7kts you can fly on the water .
The volume distribution of 60% in the bow and 40% on the rest of the board to facilitate the advance glide.
Slightly concave blanket for more control over the sheet, especially in strong wind conditions.
TESTED for Chubanga and Mikeslab foils

Last thing, our Xmas present for all of you that want PRE ORDER DW Cruise Gondola, or a Starbuster V3, a coupon discount Valid until the 31 December 2023
Please request via email to us.

Happy Holidays
Turtlewing Crew

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