If you decide to buy a custom shaped boards, it means that you you’re looking for something “tailored to you”, specifically for your individual surfing need and aesthetic taste!
A slight adjustment in the thickness, width or length of a surfboard can drastically change the overall performance of a board.
The beauty of having chosen us, is that we are your imagination with council.
Your graphic choices are analyzed by us in advance, so that you can be always informed whether they are achievable/workable or not.
Working with enormous quantities of chemical products, that have reactions depending on humidity, temperature, light sources etc…, some graphic choices may be subject to last minute changes, in order to have an excellent final board.
Colors on boards shipped to customers may vary from colors ordered by customers, due to countless factors such as differences in color modes on image files, browsers, palettes, printer’s ink, etc.
Such variances in colors, as well as small graphic variations, do not constitute acceptable grounds for return.

Using a board is quite simple, but there might be some details that could arise some questions:

1-year guarantee against failure of materials or workmanship (Ventilation screw, Plug,  Inserts, Track mount boxes ), and no guarantee against breakage.

This guarantee commitment does not cover damage caused by:
– normal tear and wear (scratches, punctures, dents, fading and paint or sticker chipping)
– improper handling, storage, maintenance or care
– use in commercial, rental or teaching environments
– incorrect operating of the air valve. Gore-Tex valve needs to be replaced every 2 years.
– incorrect set-up and usage of unsuitable gear
– accidents, misuse, unauthorized repairs or modifications
– sailing with an already damaged board
– heat or excessive exposure to sunlight (temperatures over 30°C).
Buyer is responsible to check proper functioning and condition of the product at all times.

Claims can only be made to Seatex boards / Turtle Wing. authorized workshop. In case of a claim please contact us as soon as possible. Your board will be handled (repaired or replaced) to our own judgment. Please also note that a substitution or a repair of a damaged board does not extend its original guarantee period.
Shipping cost for /to Our Seatex Boards Repair laboratory are paid by the buyer.

Please trust me and my over 30 years experience.
I make boards for some the of the best surfers and I personally do customs for also beginners.
I truly want to make you the best board for your needs.
Trust your Shaper. 🙂
Andrea Pagan