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When we started a new project we wanted to make a best foiling wing board.
Light but stiff and strong, easy to sail, with a shape that got up and foiled quickly .
here how we did..

First we optimized the profile

Computer Design  visualization

All our boards are designed on specialist computer aided design software. 
This defines the shape and allows us to understand the hydrodynamics including drag, center of buoyancy and volume. 
We build in different volumes to suit ability – as your skills improve you will want a smaller board to reduce weight and wind age.

Repeatable shaping with CNC

CNC allows milling with a margin of 0.1 mm of error

To make our boards accurately we first designed and made our own purpose built CNC machine.  
After refining and calibrating the machine, we are now able to cut with 0.1mm accuracy.  We can prototype new shapes quickly and adjust the design for the optimum board – we go from a concept to a test board within a week which gives us a fantastic feedback cycle to ensure we develop quickly. 
Using CNC we get great machining accuracy and repeatability of profiles that you could not get from hand shaping.

Our Construction

Our Vacuum Epoxy Construction comes in a complex multi-step vacuum process with reinforcement patches in key areas such as boxes
and patch in the entire stance area. W
e use only high quality materials
For 2022 we refined this layup with a lighter core and additional reinforcements in key areas for a strong construction with significantly lower weight.

1- Eva Pad 3mm thickness, diamond grooved and 3M adhesive
2- Color with Opaque Transparent finish with Anti UV.
3- 170gr. Bidirectional Carbon
4- 80gr. light Unidirectional glass layer
5- 3mm PVC 75kg/m3
6 -80gr. light Unidirectional glass layer
7- Super light EPS 15Kg/m3
8- 80gr. light Unidirectional glass layer
9- 3mm PVC 90kg/m3
9- 125gr. Bidirectional Carbon
10- 80gr. light Unidirectional glass layer
11- Color with Opaque Transparent finish with Anti UV.

Our Foil Boxes

Years ago, at the beginning, foiling was a simply sport with relatively low forces on the boards. Now with big jumps, freestyle foil with the wing, the requirements on the boards are increasing.
Under normal conditions this is not a problem but at higher speeds, the load spikes is where boxes break and rip out.
We don’t compromise quality to save money!
All our foil box are made using ultra high density PVC 90 kg/m3 core, not the cheaper expanding polyurethane core.

Compare our construction with others

Turtle Wing Custom Board

Carbon / Carbon Kevlar / UD Carbon and Innegra epoxy lamination
Carbon Reinforcement in all the stressful parts
CNC Cut and hand finished shape
Epoxy gloss hot coat
Lights weights

Big Name Brands:

Polyester Resin / Glass lamination
More Polyester strengthening
Molded Shape
Paint to cover and fill it up and fillers everywhere
Sticker and transfers for design effect

Just US

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