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65 L
5’2” / 15924 / 60.65.0″ / 12.6
55 L
4’11” / 15022.5″ / 57.14.7″ / 11.9
45 L
4’7 / 140.821.1″ / 53.74.4″ / 11.1

All sizes and weights, may change without any notice


The Air Flow v3 is our pure freestyle board designed for expert riders.
Available in 3 volumes: 45L – 55L – 65L.
The volume pronounced on the nose, helps to land all maneuvers.
A reduced hull and concave deck are the last updates in term of stability and easy drive.
We improve a volume distribution comparing the V2 in the  2024 model, now it’s a bit more easy the water start.
Our construction will allow the board to be hard and light, made in full carbon PVC sandwich.  We add some UD carbon around the stressful parts (like the deck edges and straps areas).
We reduced  the bevels  that will helps in case of loss of adherence of the foil, or in case of really choppy water, especially when you go upwind.

Construction & Materials:

Fully carbon bottom and deck with EPS 15Kg/m3 and 3mm PVC 75 Kg/m3 HD bottom, 3mm PVC 75Kg/m3 on deck.


  • Standard future track foil mount
  • 3mm Eva PAD deck, diamond groove with 3M adhesive
  • Opaque and anti UV Transparent clear coat finish, to maintain the original color even under the exposure for a long time in the sun
  • Choose from 194 different color options
  • The board design is fully customizable
  • LTD Graphics available on request
  • Approximate weight: 3.7kg.(45 liters) up to 5.0 kg (65 liters)

Delivery time: July 2024

Board Bag not included

Shipping and custom fees not included
(technical specs may chance)

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