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In the near future..

Hello Everyone, How you guys doing? In the last few weeks we had a kind of weird weather,  always with some wind, so we were able to test some  new boards.
We are working to refine the last final protos for 2025 models that looks so good and incredible, according with who already tested it and […]

A long, long time ago

Hello Everyone,
How you guys doing? Today, I would like to tell you a beautiful story of my youth.
 About 40 years ago, in 1984 my dad gave me a present: my first custom windsurfing board! 
For me it was one of the best boards I’ve ever had in those years, the design was one of […]

Back on track!

Hello everyone! How you guys doing? After returning to Torbole, we worked full speed to be able to produce and deliver some orders before the  Easter holidays. At the moment we are producing boards with delivery at the end of April, with no chance to get any other order sooner. If you are thinking to […]

Our DW Cruise it’s here!

Hello Everyone, in the last 2 weeks we ran like  crazy to finish some prototypes that need to be tested in the next few months. Like we mention in our previously newsletter, we wanna show you a preview of our DW CRUISE  “GONDOLA”. Took more then 8 months to refine the sizes / volumes and […]

What’s Next?

Hello everyone, how are you guys doing? What a fantastic season we had, full of satisfaction and positive feedback from our customer. Now that the winter season starts, we are almost ready to prepare some new things for next year. Actually, few of our team riders have already received some prototipes to test during the […]

Endless Summer

Hello Everyone,Has been a busy month after our last newsletter, a lot of boards to build and some new boards to test. If you follow us on Instagram, maybe you have seen our best selling board since we presented in July. The Carve Mini Pro XL, it’s a perfect compromise in length / width and volume, […]

Silvaplana World Cup and New products 2024

Hello everyone, how are you? When 3 years ago, we created Turtle Wing, we always been concentrated to make some of the best custom boards, with a lot of refinement, shape and design. All without neglecting the true functionality of the board itself, in terms of shape, construction and weight. In the last 5 months […]

We have some big news

Hello Everyone, How’s your summer going? For us is thankfully full of work, commitments, meetings with athletes and also some good results. Last weeks have been very intense for us, we had Demo days first and then busy in Campione sul Garda for Wing Foil Racing World Tour. We presented a New Starbuster Race Board […]

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