Demo Days and Welcome to..

Hello Turtle wingers,
Finally spring arrived here at Lake Garda, the sun is out , the wind machine is turned on, only water feels quite cold.

First lets talk about our upcoming Demo Days here in Torbole at Lake Garda.
On 27th and 28th of May join us at Hotel Paradiso, (Molo Paradiso), where you can come with your foil plus wing and test for free the whole Turtle wing board range.
Stay tuned for more details coming 2 weeks before the event.

2024 Turtle wing lineup – work in progress:
In the past few months we worked a lot on new ideas and tested some prototypes, especially for the next generation of the Carve Pro V4, our entry level board.
We build some prototypes and from board to board we improved it in terms of stability and early We still have some work to do, but we are pretty close to present you the 2024 version of our best selling board.

In the meantime, we continue developing the new 2024 Carve Mini Pro V4.
It will be divided in 2 different boards, from smaller sizes up to 78 liters and larger sizes starting at 82 liters – called the Carve Mini Pro XL (82 / 87 / 92 / 97 liters).
We will increase the length and width ratio to fit medium and expert riders demands for a board with a little bit more volume to get you going and fly earlier. Stay tuned for more details!

We are really happy to welcome Alessandro Tomasi to our Team.

He is one of the youngest and fastest riders in the Wing Foil Tour.
We started to work with him in the past months and build him a board that allows to fly with only 5 /6 knots wind.
The Process has been pretty long, but we are really happy that we found a perfect combination in terms of early fly and volume ratio. More info on this great new product will be announced soon.

That’ it for now, we will be back in 2 weeks with further info regarding our board line and demo event.
All the best!

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