One step Forward!

In a sport like Wing, which is always evolving, you need to be always updated with the development of the boards themselves.

Developing  a product that keeps pace with this evolution, it needs to be accurate in every way from size to volume and shape.
Fortunately, today,  we have the machines, that can always replicate the same boards, bringing even minimal differences,  we are talking about numerical control machines, commonly also called CNC.

All our Boards are milled with the CNC, but now was time to upgrade our machine with something more specific check this page

The new machine will arrive by the end of March, and we will have the opportunity to mill beyond the wing Board, also all the other different kind of boards.
we will also activate a Service where you will send us your file and we will mill your board

check this page to get more info about it.

Have a nice weekend.

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