New Products coming soon

Good Morning everyone,
in the last few weeks, we worked hard to complete our 2023 line.
We tested all the new boards and we have enriched the new collection with improvements and advices also given by you too.
The New collection 2023 will be available for delivery on the first week of September. The pre-order will be open on 1st August 2022.
What news will there be?
Our Carve Pro V2 will be replaced with the Carve Pro V3, where many small details have been changed  but we left to our best selling the lightness and strength that always distinguished this model.
The volume will be: 73L – 83L – 93L – 103L – 109L
The Carve Mini Pro V2 will be replaced with a Carve Mini Pro V3 and Carve Mini Pro LTD and has been chanced almost all, in term of Scoop Rocker Line, sizes and volume.
The volume will be 54L – 64L – 68L – 72L – 76L
Last but not least we have a new “Freestyle Model”, but for this,  we need to wait a couple of weeks to be released the info,
The volume will be 45L – 55L – 65L
In few days, our website will be down for few hours  to upgrades all the new collection.
That’s it for now ???? Keep in touch in the next weeks and follow us on instagram to catch all the news.
Have a nice Sunday!
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