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119 L
168  / 5’6″72.4 / 28.5″13.4 / 5.3″
109 L
163  / 5’4″70.3 / 27.7″13 / 5.1″
103 L
160  / 5’3″69 / 27.2″12.7 / 5.0″
93 L
154  / 5’0″66.7 / 26.3″12.3  / 4.8″
83 L
149  / 4’10”64.2 / 25.3″11.8 / 4.7″
73 L
142  / 4’8″61.5 / 24.2″11.4 /  4.5″

All sizes and weights, may change without any notice



For the 2024 Carve we spent a lot of time in the development of prototypes, in our opinion it is the perfect evolution of the 2023 Carve Pro V3.

The unique board shape was tested both at our home spot Lake Garda and the open sea around the globe.
Thanks to our riders, we found an optimized length, width and volume ratio.

The board has an extreme ease of glide, even at the wind limit and at the same time it is very reactive with wind and in swell.

This wing board is designed for wingers at all levels from beginners in bigger sizes, to advanced riders, to experts in smaller sizes.

We slightly optimized the shape and hull size, the scoop rocker line and also added a little step for better release in the water. The recessed deck allows you to ride the board strapless for a free glide feeling.

Construction & Materials:

Fully carbon bottom and deck with EPS 15Kg/m3 and 3mm PVC 75 Kg/m3 HD bottom, 3mm PVC 75Kg/m3 on deck.


  • Standard future track foil mount
  • 3mm Eva PAD deck, diamond groove with 3M adhesive
  • Opaque and anti UV Transparent clear coat finish, to maintain the original color even under the exposure for a long time in the sun
  • Choose from 194 different color options
  • The board design is fully customizable – choose from different existing design templates (new in 2024).
  • Approximate weight: 3.7kg (63 liters) up to 6.3 kg (119 liters)



Delivery time: 45 days

Board Bag not included

Shipping and custom fees not included
(technical specs may chance)

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