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This boards his for really experts, that can start with a sink board.
Wing board designed experts weighing between 60 and 85 kg.
The straight line of the hull helps the start of the glide.
The material we are use to build this board is Aramid Carbon Kevlar that gives a incredible finish to the board, but it’s crazy expensive.
The Shape is the same of the Carve Pro Mini Pro V3.
The recessed deck allows you to use the board even without straps for a Free Gliding.

Constructions Materials:
Fully Aramid Carbon Kevlar  bottom and deck with EPS 15Kg/‎m3 and 3mm PVC 75 Kg/‎m3 HD bottom, 3mm PVC 75Kg/‎m3 on deck.
The board is equipped with a standard Future Track Mount for foil housing, on deck 3mm Eva Turtle Pad  groove with 3M adhesive.
The Finishing with opaque and anti UV Transparent Clear coat, to maintain the original color even under the exposure for a long time in the sun.
Approximate weight 3.7-4.8 kg
4 Different colors: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green
Fully Customizable in sizes

Carve Pro Mini LTD 
Available in 7 sizes:
54L: 4’3 x 20.7 x 4’3
4’3 x 21’2 4’3
4’4 x 21’5 x 4’5
4’5 x 22 x 4’7
4’6 x 23 x 4’8
4’7 x 23’5 x 4.9
4’8 x 24 x 5’0

Colors available :


Delivery 2 months

Board Bag not included

Shipping and custom fees not included
(technical specs may chance)

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