Product Details

SKATE Pump / Surf / Wing
The Skate is our  new 2023 design for prone surfing – a catch-free, easy touch-and-go board.
The most noticeable design features are the move to a rounded pin tail for sensitivity when carving. The concave deck increases turning abbilities and grip. The bottom shape is a well proven flat to very tucked soft rail (tiny bevels) with a super smooth entry rocker and a straight tail exit. 

Construction & Materials:

Carbon UD / Biaxial Carbon-fiberglass with EPS 15Kg/m3 and 3mm PVC 75 Kg/m3 HD bottom, 3mm PVC 75Kg/m3 on deck.


  • Standard future track foil mount
  • 3mm Eva PAD deck, diamond groove with 3M adhesive
  • Opaque and anti UV Transparent clear coat finish, to maintain the original color even under the exposure for a long time in the sun
  • The board design is fully customizable – choose from different existing design templates (new in 2023).
  • Approximate weight: 3.1 kg.(30 liters) up to 4.1 kg (60 liters)

Available sizes:

Volume Length Width
60 L
4’0 / 123 25.2″ / 63.9
45 L
4’0 / 123 21.7″ / 55
30 L
4’0 / 123. 21.7″ / 55

All sizes may change without any notice


Delivery time: 10 days (starting in April 2023)

Board Bag not included

Shipping and custom fees not included
(technical specs may chance)

Board features